The navigational equipment of the An-26 was a tremendous advancement to the equipment of the IL-14, which consisted only of two radio compasses ARK-9 and an SP-50 landing system.
The navigation system KURS MP-2 allowed the use of VOR and the approach to the ILS and SP50 instrument landing systems. Two automatic radio compasses ARK-15 ensured the indication of the course angle radio beacons in the medium and long wave range. The distance to DME ground stations can be determined with the aid of the SD-67 rangefinder. The transponder SOM-64 enabled the ground stations to determine the location and display the flight number and altitude.
The on-board radio measuring system GROSA-26 allowed the panoramic representation of the Earth's surface, the location of thunderstorm zones and the determination of their most dangerous sections, the location of aircraft and the solution of navigation tasks.
Despite DME, VOR, ILS and Bordradar navigation was still "manual work". Not to compare with today's possibilities.

Tools for navigation

Navigation slide rule NR-10 from Mantissa





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