Pedido de Autorizacao

Operational flight group in Mozambique  1986 - 1990

flight documents

Moderate air traffic and navigational ensuring flights in Mozambique

Planning and application of flights


By the leaders of the MRG (Group of Ministers) were the flights scheduled flight and the task of the head of the flight group. The flight declaration was made by the flight group. According to AIP Mocambique S. FAL 1-2 Section 1.3, the application was made 72 hours before the flight. The registration form "Pedido de autorização de Voo" was delivered at the headquarters of the Mozambican Air Force.








Performance of flight


Delivery of the flight plan (Plan de Voo) was before the start of flights in the air traffic control unit "briefing". The plan could be given by radio. The radio transmission was made even after the start of uncontrolled aerodromes or when contacting a point lying on the route air traffic control services and the target space. And often were not able to flight schedules are relayed. In some places had to be filled Fumulario de Trafego.

The start-up approval has been obtained over the radio tower, if any. Submitted were: call sign, destination, flight level, POB endurance.

To the beginning of the mission, there was no comprehensive meteorological consulting. In the further course of the meteorological service was built with the help of Russian meteorologists.


Plan de Voo
Flight Plan Beira - Chimoio
Formular de Trafego
 Fumulario de Trafego
meteorological conditions Maputo - Beira - Tete
meteorological conditions Maputo - Beira - Tete
meteorological conditions Maputo - Beira - Tete
prepared onboard Journal
aktuelles Bordjournal
during flight aboard Journal

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