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Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow, Kladower Damm 182-188, 14089 Berlin







plant number                   11402
Air forces of the GDR    369
Interflug                             DDR-SBL
Luftwaffe                           52+09

Flugausstellung Leo Junior, Hermeskeil

Photo: Lutz Kobert 09/07/2001

plant number                    10706
Air forces of the GDR     368
Interflug                              DDR-SBB
Luftwaffe                             52+08

Technik-Museum Speyer

Caution fake !!!

Photos from 09/07/2001, Lutz Kobert

DThe painting and the described use do not correspond to historical reality.
The employed in the GDR AN-26 were exclusively based in the TS-24 in Dresden Klotzsche.
Painting variations see AN-26 CD

In the exhibition catalog is available:
"The Antonov 26, produced in the Soviet Union was, in former East Germany used as a government aircraft, mainly in the service of Erich Honecker as his private plane." [Source: Museum Speyer book / Speyer 1997]

Also in the new issue no correction:

"The top * shown Antonov 26 was built in the Soviet Union and used in the former GDR as a government plane. They served mainly former state Erich Honecker as a private machine. You have a rest and working compartment one. About the large, downward-opening loading dock could be taken along with a company car. The cargo hold is still the original Russian Chaika company car. "[Source: Speyer Technical Museum - The Great Book Museum / Speyer 1999]

* "Up" refers to the illustration in the book

The plane was in the service of the TS-24, as the 375th This aircraft has Honecker never seen and it was not used as a government plane.
Corrections to the Technik Museum Speyer remained unanswered to this day.
The text of the museum is a lie.

plant number                    10409
Air forces of the GDR     375
Interflug                              DDR-SBN
Luftwaffe                             52+04


375 on the apron of the TS-24

in Dresden-Klotzsche


Schwäbisches Bauern- und Technik-Museum, Eschach-Seifertshofen


Photos: Lutz Kobert 09/02/2001

More scrapyard than museum, shame!

Photos: Lutz Kobert 08/14/2009


Photos: Lutz Kobert 07/17/2011

plant number                    10509
Air forces of the GDR     376
Interflug                              DDR-SBD
Luftwaffe                             52+05


plant number                   14208                                    The cockpit of the 373 lay in a corner of the "scrap yard"
Air forces of the GDR    373                                         On 08/14/2009 was the cockpit is no longer present.
Interflug                             DDR-SBM                           
Luftwaffe                            52+10                                                                               

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