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Publications in the GDR

Fliegerkalender 1983

Armeerundschau 11/84

Fliegerjahrbuch 1987

Armeerundschau 5/87

Fliegerkalender 1988



Faulty and irritating publications from 1990

In some books, magazines and publications on the Internet was related to the missions
taken the AN-26 in the TS-24, and unfortunately, these posts were very wrong.


" Jet & Prop " edition 4/1993

Ein report of J.Scheiner, The white auxiliary aircraft of the Bundeswehr.
This report was sent on missions that are not dealing with the AN-26 was.
Technical details, liveries and badges displayed as unexplainable.
Further corrections were necessary:
Sudan Mission (there was not), navigator window, aid flights Ethiopia, subordination AN-26 technology to NVA times, using IL-14 and AN-26 in the TS-24, coloring in the NVA equipment of AN-26
A correction was rejected by the publisher!

"Fliegerrevue" edition 10/2000, Serie - Flugzeuge in der DDR (Series - aircraft in the GDR)

The report by Manfred Meyer on the use of the AN-26 in the TS-24 contains some bugs which were in thorough research can be avoided.
inter alia Retraining technical and flight crews, mission Mozambique, ...
In the third volume, "Airplanes of the GDR", the error from the output of Fliegerrevue were shown 10/2000 right!


"MilitärTransportflieger Dessau -Dresden", Aerolit 2002 (Military Transport Aviation Dessau - Dresden)

Sadly disappointed this recently published book by Aerolit. The 34 pages of the section from 1963 until the dissolution of the TS-24, the time of the season in Dresden Klotzsche are very wrong and dealt with superficially. Striking is a certain incoherence. Abrupt jumps in time and topics prevent continued attention to the chronology, although the portions were divided chronologically. In Section 1963-1971 is this fact so striking. The errors and inaccuracies are continued until the end of the book. The book is not a recommendation for interested sense of history and aviation lovers. 

Some examples of the errors:   

S.70 Chronology of the commanders is wrong: OTL Mr. Wolf came only in the second half of 1991 to Dresden
S.77 was forgotten catastrophic relocation to Alteno (1976), 2nd Jan 79, the entire
Season in combat readiness and added several machines flew to Warsaw
Crew change took place at night in Schönefeld, after crews were exchanged
Dresden flown
S.79  an IL-14, TS-24 was flown to Hungary to the museum
1981 TS moved to the 2nd time after Alteno
S.81 falscher Termin der ersten gemeinsamen Flugschicht IL-14 u. AN-26,
Crewkonzept und Bildbeschriftung stimmen nicht
S.84 Tasks of the radar was not only weather warning, "male" was not in use, task engine RU-19 contained more
S.86 TG-44 was never placed under the leadership organ,
S.87 AN-26 had no metal seats, cargo plane always flew 


S.99 Caption: emblem was placed in the GDR times in Dresden,
und .... Treble (wrong routes and route map ...)
Mocambique (places, machines used ...)
Air firing zone LSZII ......

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