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TRANSPORT SQUADRON 24 The origin of the TS-24 is located in Dessau. With the dissolution of the independent Transport Squadron 17 and the creation of Transport Squadron 27 (TFS-27) on 02.05.1963 in Dessau, according to Be ...

ANTONOV AN-26 "Curl" In 1969 An-26 was first introduced to the public during the Aero Salon in Paris. Mass production began in 1972. 1980, the first crews of the IL 14 trained on the An-26 in K. ..

AN-26 MISSION The An-26 was used primarily in the military, civilian charter flights and relief operations but were also on the agenda.

AN-26 SPECIAL The AN-26 with the textures of the two German Air Force in the flight simulator, the former AN-26 TS-24 at the museum, and the AN-26 in model.

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